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Monthly Fees
2 Mbps 10 GB $12
2 Mbps 40 GB $16
2 Mbps 45 GB $19
2 Mbps 50 GB $25
4 Mbps 15 GB $19
4 Mbps 25 GB $25
4 Mbps 50 GB $33
6 Mbps 60 GB $43
8 Mbps 100 GB $67
1 Mbps Unlimited $27
2 Mbps Unlimited $50
4 Mbps Unlimited $75

All above prices are subject to VAT & All above plans are subject to Fair Use Policy

Choose Your ADSL Starter Package
ADSL Starter Package Price

(1)All indicated prices are subject to VAT
(2)The Upload Speed is equivalent to 25% of the Download Speed
(3)Effective July 1st 2014, the monthly usage limit is the sum of Upload and Download consumption. Extra usage will be charged at a rate of of $1.33 + VAT per extra GB chunk
(4)The maximum speed you can get is based on your location from the Central Office and the quality of your telephone copper line
(5) An Optional Pack is required for each additional telephone socket at your premises. Every phone handset should have a splitter connected to it in order to avoid noise and interference
(6) If you have a second telephone line (Internet Line) and wish to install the ADSL service on it, a $30 fee will be deducted from the relevant Starter Package.
Last Paid copy of the Internet Line Bill must be provided.
* All price are subject to 10% VAT
FREE With the above plans
Mailbox ADSL Splitter + Cable 24 x 7 Support
(Spam & Virus Filtered) (Free with every modem)  
Minimum monthly fee: $25 One-Time Fee: $0
Minimum monthly fee + VAT: $27.5 One-Time Fee + VAT: $0

Payment Mode
Monthly fee - Payment options
Important Information
(a) For Existing IDM Users who wish to cancel their existing service, kindly consult your IDM Sales Agent for a Cancellation Service Form.
(b) IDM or third party is not responsible for any internal or external wiring work inside or outside the building.
(c) A prorated Fee will be charged only for the first month of service depending on the service activation date with a minimum charge of $5.
(d) If you wish to cancel your ADSL Service, a cancellation fee of $6 will apply. All IDM ADSL Services and Accounts must be fully paid before the cancellation is completed.
(e) If the account is cancelled due to non-payment of the monthly fees or any other reasons, you will have to pay an additional $38 Re-connection fee to re-activate your account. Re-connection delays may apply.

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Forms to be read and filled :
- Application form
- ADSL Bank Authorization form
- ADSL pre-installation survey
- ADSL terms and conditions
- ADSL Change of Plan form
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